Stewart Skinner is off and running.

The Perth-Wellington provincial Liberal candidate opened his campaign office Saturday afternoon in Stratford.

He is looking to replace our current MPP Randy Pettapiece.

Skinner told the crowd that he comes from a long line of Progressive Conservatives but he chose to leave the party and join the Liberals.

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Former MPPs John Wilkinson and Hugh Edighoffer were there on Saturday along with Health and Long Term Care Minister Deb Matthews to cut the ribbon.

Skinner accused Randy Pettapiece of practicing divide-and-conquer politics.

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The provincial election has not yet been called but speculation is rampant that it will happen this spring.

Skinner took aim at Tim Hudak’s narrow vision for Ontario.

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Skinner will face Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece from the PC Party and NDP candidate Romayne Smith Fullerton in the upcoming provincial election.