If we will see a white Christmas here in our area is up in the air.

While we have seen snow on Christmas the past two years, with little to none the two years prior, this year is hard to tell because any flurries that we will see fall leading up to the 25th are expected to be melted away by warmer weather also moving through the area.

A warmer trend is unlike what we would have seen thirty years ago when there was an 80 % chance of a white Christmas, now it’s more like a 55 % chance that we will.

With that being said, Environment Canada Senior Climatologist David Phillips says he’s putting his money on some white stuff being around for the big day.

“I’m going to say that yes, you will have a white Christmas, but it won’t be snow that necessarily will stay right through to the new year or beyond, I think this winter will be a little bit of back and forth, up and down, some white periods and then all of a sudden we’ll get some southerly blows.”

Phillips adds that we should have a much better idea of if we will see snow on Christmas on around the 18th or 19th of this month.