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Revival Vinyl Society – BYOV

Revival Vinyl Society is back and returning to our original Thursday night format for our monthly B.Y.O.V. (Bring Your Own Vinyl)!
(**Bring-Your-Own-Vinyl means we want to see & play YOUR records!) 😉
And since we are meeting between Christmas and New Years, we will still be in the festive spirit, so bring out your Christmas records too!
For those of you just discovering us…
WELCOME to the Revival Vinyl Society : A social group for vinyl record enthusiasts to share music and conversation in a chill space… where we can drink and be merry!
Our host/DJ, Stratford’s own “Mista D” will be ready for you… and your records!
The basic rules to contribute are simple :
1.) Sign-up with the host, listing 1 or 2 (sometimes 3) songs that you would like to hear from the records you brought, and give your records to the host.
2.) Fill out a ballot to win generous vinyl prizes from our generous vinyl sponsor “SOUND FIXATION”, which of course is our favourite record shop in Stratford!
3.) Don’t forget your records! Unless you want the host to keep them. The host/dj will take great care of your records, but IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lost or damaged property/records.
4.) Most importantly: Have FUN!! Bring whatever your heart desires! We can’t wait to hear your selections!
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