Oxford residents are trying to dump the dump.

Walker Industries wants to haul garbage from Toronto and dump it into an active quarry along Beachville Road.

The Oxford Coalition for Social Justice (OCSJ) is one of the group’s opposing the proposal.

They have teamed up with local scientists to pressure the Minister of the Environment to deny the request.

Bryan Smith is the Chair of the coalition.

He says they expected a ruling by January but it’s been pushed back.

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Smith says this delay enables Walker to benefit from the legwork done by local activists free of charge.

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Smith thought for sure the provincial government would have ruled on the matter by now.

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He says the vitality of the Thames River in our region is at stake.

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The Coalition is part of the greater Oxford People Against the Landfill (OPAL).

Smith says local residents are overwhelmingly opposed to the proposal.

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Smith says if this dump is approved then it will set a precedent that will jeopardize all rural communities in Ontario.

More information can be found at the OPAL or the OCSJ websites.