Chris West says they’re starting to make some progress with Members of Parliament on passenger rail service.

The St Marys businessman and founder of ‘Save VIA’ met with two MPs this week from two different parties and was pleased with the outcome.

West sat down with Scarborough Southwest MP Dan Harris from the NDP and Perth-Wellington MP Gary Schellenberger.

Both have agreed to tackle the issue when they return to Ottawa.

West says local residents raising their voices on the matter have caused a shift in Schellenberger’s attitude towards the issue.

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West says this is a good first step for the local MP but the crown corporation needs more funding from the federal government.

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He urges local residents to keep the pressure on.

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West says the next step is to get mayors and municipalities on board with the struggle.

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As of this morning, Chris West’s Internet petition at sits at 3791 signatures.

It calls for passenger rail service to be restored to all of Canada.

Once it passes the 4000 name threshold, West says he’ll get a sympathetic MP to present it to the House of Commons.