Waste Diversion Ontario released its report on residential waste in 2012 this week.

According to the report Stratford managed to keep 42.4% of its residential waste from ending up in a landfill.

That puts the city 52nd overall in the province, and 8th overall in the Small Urban category.

Adam Mueller is the Waste Reduction Coordinator for the City of Stratford.

He gives us his thoughts on that number:

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Mueller says plans are in the works to get that number even higher:

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Mueller added that cartons are once again accepted in recycling, as well as all plastic containers labelled with codes one through seven with the exception of expanded Styrofoam.

He gives us a quick tip on how you can help keep garbage out of landfills:

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Guelph was ranked number one overall with a waste diversion rate of 67.7%. 

Waste diversion is the practice of keeping waste out of landfills through things like recycling.