The war of words between organized labour and the Ontario PC party escalated again this week.

Tim Hudak has promised to contract out public sector services to save money for taxpayers.

This immediately provoked a response from union leaders including the Stratford and District Labour Council President Kim Kent.

She says Hudak is singing from the same old discredited hymn book about privatization that hasn’t saved money before and won’t do it now.

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Kent says this is blind ideology and not sound public policy.

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She believes Hudak has an ulterior motive for wanting to contract out public sector services.

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Hudak had also promised to bring in southern style ‘right to work’ laws but in a surprise move this morning at the Toronto Board of Trade announced he’s dropping it from the PC Party election platform.

Depsite Hudak’s reversal, the Ontario Federation of Labour is devoting tremendous resources to defeating the PC party in the upcoming provincial election.

For more information, go to the Stratford & District Labour Council Facebook page.