The “Bank Investigator Scam” is back in Perth County.

The OPP says two seniors, one in Mitchell and one in Listowel, were targeted on Tuesday.

In both cases the victims, both women in their eighties, received phone calls from someone claiming to work at their bank.

The women were instructed to make withdrawals in the neighbourhood of $4,000 from their bank accounts and meet with “undercover bank officials” at a designated place to hand over the money.

Both were assured they’d get their money back after the officials supposedly figured out who was stealing money at their bank.

The attempts were quickly recognized as frauds and neither woman lost any money.

The OPP is reminding people that banks do not ask the public for help in these investigations.

If you get a call from anyone claiming to be a “bank investigator” hang up the phone, report the call to your bank’s manager and immediately report it to the police.