The Ontario Health Coalition is battling the Wynne Government over possible health care privatization.

The group says the Liberals are putting community hospitals and Medicare at risk with a plan to turn services over to private clinics that will extra bill patients.

The Stratford and District Labour Council is teaming up with the OHC and other progressive organizations across the province.

Labour council President Kim Kent says health care privatization is a clear and present danger.

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The OHC says taking such things as diagnostic services, physiotherapy and operations like cataract surgeries out of hospitals and having them provided by private clinics is a direct threat to publicly-funded Medicare.

Kent agrees and says it’s happening across the country.

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Kent says private health care is sold as cheaper and more efficient but that isn’t true.

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To fight back, the Ontario Health Coalition will be going door-to-door in various communities ahead of the upcoming provincial election to let people know what’s happening.

Kim Kent says local residents will carpool up to Kitchener to canvass the city on March 29th.

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For more information, call the labour council at 519-273-0300, email or go to its Facebook page.

You can also go to the Ontario Health Coalition website.