Local business owners from around the region are weighing in on policies, regulation and competition from south of the border.

Perth-Wellington MP John Nater alongside Durham MP Erin O’Toole to speak on some of the challenges businesses face.

Many owners commented on how policy can sometime discourage entrepreneurship, the challenges of attracting skilled workers to rural areas along with skill development and how they invest in employees.

Some business owners claim the economic climate in Ontario is driving business elsewhere, either outside of the province or south of the border.

Both Nater and O’Toole say they will be heading back to Parliament Hill this fall with the list of concerns, especially those pertaining to the pending NAFTA negotiations.

O’Toole says the NAFTA talks may have a larger impact than some expect, as one in five jobs in Canada is tied to trade with the U-S.

It’s 15th round table hosted by Nater and the Stratford-Perth Museum.