Stratford Police say two males have been taken into custody after they were barricaded in a home located on Downie Street and Inverness.

The standoff closed the area between West Gore and Guelph streets for more than nine hours yesterday.

London’s Tactical and Emergency Rescue Unit were called to the scene late in the afternoon after a heavy police presence had been in the area for a number of hours.

Police say no one was hurt following the incident and they’re continuing to investigate.



Police have now entered the home on the corner of Inverness and Downie Streets.

The area is still cordoned off but our My Stratford Now reporter says some of the police presence has left the scene.

Witnesses at the scene on Downie Street and Inverness say one man inside the home is now in police custody.

Witnesses say he walked out of the house on his own in shorts and a hoodie.

Our My Stratford Now reporter at the scene says one man is in handcuffs.

Witnesses also report another person in the house.

People are still being told to stay away from the area.

Stratford Police have closed off Downie Street between Guelph and West Gore around one this afternoon as they dealt with an ongoing situation.

London City Police were also on the scene with their Tactical Unit and their Emergency Response Unit to assist with the situation.

Police have not shared any further information on the reason behind the emergency closure or the heavy police presence in the area.

Witnesses say a man had barricaded himself inside the home but police have not confirmed this information.

Officers were heavily armed and posted along Inverness Street. A My Stratford Now reporter on the scene says police officers were talking to someone trying to get them out of the building.

As of 4:30 this afternoon all students who walk to and from schools in the area were allowed to leave.