Last updated: Wednesday, February 21st 6:02PM

Environment Canada’s rainfall warning and freezing rain warning have both ended. A number of closures are already in place across Perth County, St. Marys and in the City of Stratford as follows:

Perth County:

  • St. Jacobs Bridge along Three Bridges Road
  • Perth Road 154 from Line 71 to Road 72 near Milverton
  • Perth Line 66 also from Perth roads 154 to 140 near Milverton
  • Perth Road 147, just north of Line 66 to the west of Milverton
  • Road 170 between lines 32 and 28 in West Perth
  • Road 155 between Line 42 and 46 in West Perth
  • Road 150 between lines 26 and 29 in West Perth
  • Perth Road 140 between Line 42 and Line 44 in Perth East
  • Road 130 between Line 44 and line 46
  • Road 105 is closed between Hutchison Road (Perth 56) and Line 47 due to flooding
  • Perth Road 182 between lines 17 and 19, no emergency access
  • Perth Road 172 from Browntown Road to Jamestown Road, no emergency acess


City of Stratford:

  • McLagan Drive from John to Avon streets
  • Avon Cemetary
  • Stratford Golf and Country Club
  • TJ Dolan Drive from St. Vincent Street to Huron Street
  • Norfolk Street from Romeo to Gordon
  • Tom Patterson Island


St. Marys:

  • Ring Road Loop Trail entrance at Dunnell Field
  • Mill Race Island
  • Riverview Walkway between Queen and Water Street
  • St. George Street Footbridge
  • The Loop Trail entrances on St. George Street and Widder Street Loop Trail entrances from St. George and Widder streets
  • Thames Avenue between Park Street and Victoria Street


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