Stratford Police have arrested a man recently convicted of a sex charge.

Acting Deputy Chief of Police Sam Theocharis says 39-year-old Chad Bogle is facing a charge of sexual assault.

Police allege the offence happened in Stratford in 2012.

Bogle pled guilty to a sex charge last week which involved him paying a 25-year-old disabled woman for sex and persuading her to take naked photos, dating back to 2016.

A second charge involving a minor was withdrawn in the case.

He was a long-time performer in Stratford as a clown where he formally worked for Family Services Perth Huron.

Bogle was sentenced to two years’ probation; he’s not allowed to be in contact with anyone 17-years-old or younger without the presence of an adult and faced a fine of $2,000.

He’s back in a Perth County courtroom today for a bail hearing.