The City of Stratford Energy and Environment Committee and Rotary Club of Stratford, in partnership with the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA) are expanding aquatic habitat along Lake Victoria to provide shelter for aquatic life and strengthen the south shore, from the south shore to Tom Patterson Island along Lakeside Drive.    The project will provide shelter and other habitat for aquatic life and reduce erosion along the south shore of Lake Victoria. The habitat expansion will include a cobble shoreline and underwater shoal feature with nooks and crannies for fish and benthic invertebrates (bugs that fish eat), as well as a shrub canopy that will provide shade and leaf litter to support the aquatic community. 
Brad Glasman, Conservation Services Manager at the UTRCA said, “The installation of a 300′ long wooden crib structure has begun along the Stratford waterfront. The unique design of this timber crib structure provides the outer edge that will be filled with aquatic plants such as blue flag iris and cardinal flower. This should offer some water quality benefits and increased aquatic habitat.”   The project spawned from the positive reviews of the 130′ timber crib wall that was installed along the north shore of Lake Victoria in 2017.