A heads up if you use an EpiPen or an EpiPen Junior.

The company that makes the pens, Pfizer Canada, says there is a shortage of both and while that doesn’t mean pharmacies don’t have access to any it does mean that there is a limited inventory available

People who have a history of life-threatening allergic reactions use the pens to deliver an emergency shot of medicine and Pfizer says there are no alternative auto-injectors available in the country, they say that delays at the facility where the pens are made has lead to the shortage.

Renelle Briand with Health Canada says Pfizer is doing its best to try and manage the situation.

“Pfizer has indicated that it is carefully managing a Canadian supply and it is working with its global network to locate any additional supplies.”

Health Canada says that anyone who has an reaction but has only an expired auto-injector should use it and then call 911 right away.