Stratford Police will soon also patrol St. Marys and Perth South.

Stratford City Council voted at their meeting Monday night to enter an agreement with the two areas to have members of the Stratford Police Service operate in them come early November.

St.Marys is switching from its current Ontario Provincial Police service to the Stratford Police Service and the move will see the town pay start up costs of around $320 thousand and annual costs of around $929 thousand which is lower than $1.15 million that people living there currently pay for the OPP.

Stratford Mayor Dan Mathieson says the moves makes sense for each side that’s involved .

“I think it allows us to share resources, help us alleviate some of the cost pressures we see around policing and for the township and the town it allows them dedicated service where they’re not sharing with the entire county and they perceive some good value in that.”

In St.Marys, four officers will work rotating shifts and operate seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day with the agreement a five year renewable term with a two year exit clause.