You’re being reminded not to leave your animal locked in a hot vehicle.

Research published recently shows that a dog can only deal with a body temperature of 41 degrees Celsius for a short time before the suffer irreparable brain damage and it can also lead to death, and if a pet is left in a locked vehicle with little or no air they can quickly die.

You can also be charged if you leave your animal unattended in a hot vehicle.

Centre Manager for the Stratford Perth Humane Society Chris Jones says there are steps to follow if you come across an animal in distress by the heat.

“Do not break any windows, I know that there’s something going around on Facebook right now, that is not the course of action to take and you can be charged by the police for breaking a window, your first thing to do is you can call the OSPCA.”

Unlike humans, animals don’t have sweat glands which can lead to them overheating very quickly.