It doesn’t appear that those living on Pleasant Drive in Stratford will bear the load of paying to fix it up.

The road is scheduled to undergo maintenance work next year at a cost of around $1.6 million, including a new water main, widening the road, a sidewalk, a curb and a gutter and originally the cost to do the road work was projected to be split with the city paying 40 per cent of the cost and residents on the street 60 per cent which is a city policy.

That meant that the average cost to a homeowner on the street worked out to be around $9 thousand or at a cost of five per cent interest if deferred over ten years.

However, the City of Stratford’s Infrastructure, Transportation and Safety Committee heard the concerns from residents brought up again at a meeting Monday night and instead voted to reverse the split with the city picking up 60 per cent of the cost.

Stratford Mayor Dan Mathieson was hoping the idea would be sent back to staff to prepare a report before the decision was made and voted against the decision.

He says the city needs to look at the 60 to resident 40 to city policy.

“We should make sure we have it right, the last three or four projects this by-law has used has required a large number of residents to come out and voice their opinion and maybe we just have the whole policy wrong.”

The item will come up again at meeting in two weeks when Stratford City Council will have the final say.