Stratford Mayor Dan Mathieson is doing what he can to get Justin Bieber to tie the knot in the singers hometown.

Mathieson says he got a call from celebrity gossip website TMZ after Justin Bieber got engaged to Hailey Baldwin over the weekend.

He says he jokingly told the site that if the couple gets married in Stratford in the winter he would give them tickets to watch Bieber’s favorite hockey team the Stratford Warriors.

Mathieson says he wanted to make sure that TMZ knows just how much Stratford has to offer.

“When you get a call out of Burbank California from TMZ, who maybe doesn’t understand a little bit about Stratford, they couldn’t understand what could all go on in Stratford.”

Mathieson adds he told TMZ tongue-in-cheek that if the couple got married here in the summer he’d guarantee Bieber a spot in the lineup for the Stratford Summer Music Festival.