Once again it’s time for “Can You Hack It?” Summer-Edition!
We’ve been testing out kid’s activities to see if you should try them with the kids over the summer and today we attempted to make Bubble Snakes!
1. Take a pop bottle and cut the bottom off.
2. Put the top half of your bottle into an old sock. (The toe of the sock should be flat with the cut half of the bottle and you need to roll the sock so you can blow into the top of the bottle)
3. Wrap a rubber band around the sock to hold it onto the bottle.
4. Dip the bottom of your cut bottle into a solution of dish soap with a little bit of water.
5. Blow into the top of the bottle!
*Remind the kids not to suck air IN as they’ll get a mouth-full of soap!
So, can you hack it? Let’s find out …
*NOTE: We put food colouring on the toe of the sock which made the bubbles a little colourful BUT it also stained our shoes a little haha! So if using food colouring, wear old clothes and do it in the grass