Stratford is getting closer to banning the sale and use of flying lanterns in the city.

It follows an incident on Canada Day when a flying lantern, a small hot air balloon made of paper with an opening on the bottom where a small fire is suspended, landed on the back porch of a home.

Fortunately, the resident was home and was able to extinguish it as it began to combust fully but Stratford Fire Chief John Paradis says the department has been called to several incidents that have involved the lanterns.

Stratford would join municipalities including West Perth and Perth East in banning the lanterns and Paradis says it’s time to be proactive on the issue.

“Multiple incidents like that have taken place and if the resident hadn’t been home then it could have been quite a bit worse where the resident could have lost their property if they weren’t home and saw it land.

The city’s Infrastructure, Transportation and Safety Committee voted at their meeting Monday to support the ban and it will now be sent to Stratford City Council for a final vote.