Randy Pettapiece says using a rarely used clause to cut down the size of Toronto City Council was something his party needed to do.

The notwithstanding clause was used to reintroduce the bill to cut down the council’ size from 47 members to 25 ahead of October’s municipal election at Queen’s Park Wednesday, it comes after a court found the move was unconstitutional.

Premier Doug Ford says the move is being made to save the province money.

The clause has never been used in Ontario before and many critics have spoken out against the move as they feel the clause wasn’t introduced to deal with issues like this.

The MPP for Perth-Wellington says Premier Doug Ford is well within his rights to use the clause.

“History is going to judge whether he did the right thing or not, constitutionally he is allowed to do that, I know there are people out there saying that we have taken the constitutional rights away but this clause is in the constitution and it’s a tool that can be used so that’s what he’s done.”

A group is planning to rally outside Pettapiece’s office in Stratford Friday afternoon to protest what they say is “Ford’s plan to trample on charter rights.”

The reintroduced bill isn’t expected to pass before September 24th.