The Conservative MP for Perth-Wellington says leader Andrew Scheer made the right call in dealing with Tony Clement.

Clement announced on Tuesday evening that he’d sent sexually explicit images and a video to someone he believed to be a “consenting female,” but who later demanded money if he didn’t want them posted publicly.

At first, Clement resigned only as the party’s justice critic and from his committee role but after the story broke new allegations began surfacing prompting Conservative leader Andrew Scheer to ask Clement to leave the Caucus.

John Nater says he stands behind Scheer in his actions.

“I think Tony Clement’s actions were completely inappropriate, unprofessional and unacceptable in any environment, let alone on Parliament Hill, so he’s been asked to leave our caucus and that was absolutely the right move.”

Nater adds that he doesn’t feel the Clement situation will derail the PC parties chances of governing Canada after next year’s election as it was dealt with properly.