It’s four strikes and you’re out for the 20-year-old man accused of driving a vehicle into a cement wall near the Stratford Cenotaph.

After missing three previously scheduled court appearances, Nathaneal Tewelde was to appear Friday in court for sentencing but when he didn’t show up again a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.

Defense lawyer Michael Fair asked for it to be a discretionary warrant but the judge ruled it against that request saying that this was Tewelde’s fourth missed court appearance.

Fair says that Tewelde said he had arranged a ride with a friend to make it to court Friday but he never materialized.

Tewelde, from Kitchener, pleaded guilty to impaired driving in late October and he has also pleaded guilty to mischief under $5 thousand for smashing a telephone at Stratford Police headquarters after he was arrested in


Three other charges originally laid against Tewelde were earlier withdrawn.