We are learning more details about a kitchen fire at the Stratford House of Blessing.

Firefighters were called to the House on Erie Street around 1:30 p.m. Monday and, once on scene, they discovered that a fire had started in the basement kitchen area with the flames quickly put out.

They say in a release sent to the My Stratford Now Newsroom that the damage was contained to the kitchen and there was a large amount of smoke in the basement area so crews stayed on scene for two and a half hours clearing itm checking hot spots and making sure the air quality was safe.

The fire, according to the release, started on the stove in the kitchen as it had goods stored on the top of the burners which was accidentally turned on.

House of Blessing Executive Director Theresa McMurray has asked that the public give staff there twenty-four to forty-eight hours to determine how donations will be received.

The Stratford Fire Department is also reminding residents of the importance of fire safety when it comes to safe cooking procedures as well as holiday lighting.