Affordable housing, public transit, and the environment.

Those were just a few of the key issues mentioned by Stratford Mayor Dan Mathieson as he delivered remarks Monday night at the inaugural meeting for the new city council.

Mayor Mathieson and councilors were sworn in during the meeting and notes were sent to welcome the new council from Perth-Wellington MP John Nater and MPP Randy Pettapiece who were unable to attend the meeting while the Avon Public School Choir provided musical entertainment.

Mayor Mathieson says he’s excited to work with the new council.

“It’s a diverse group and it’s a good group, we’ve had a couple of meetings to strike committees and decide on chair people and of course┬ámembers and it went very well, I think over the next four years we have lots of challenges but with that come opportunities.”

Council also voted at the meeting to appoint Martin Ritsma as Deputy Mayor for a two-year term.

The next regular meeting for council is set for next Monday.