You’re being reminded to keep safety in mind if you have a chimney in your home.

It comes after a chimney fire that broke out at a home on Line 47, north of Shakespeare, around 6:30 Wednesday night which saw firefighters from Shakespeare and Milverton called out to extinguish the flames with minimal damage caused and no one hurt.

Fire officials say if you use wood in your fire that you should only burn dry hardwood and not garbage or, at this time of the year, wrapping paper which can help spark a blaze.

Perth East and West Perth Fire Chief Bill Hunter says you should also make sure that your chimney is in good working order.

“Clean your chimney at least once a year, professionally have somebody clean your chimney, I sometimes joke with people that we are not your chimney sweeps you need to bring in a professional to clean your chimney and they’ll also inspect your chimney.”

Chief Hunter adds that as the weather gets colder they do see an increase in calls related to chimney fires.