The federal Liberals have unveiled a budget that shows they intend to spend their way through the months leading up to the October election.

The federal budget, unveiled Tuesday, includes money for an array of measures, but most of the spending would happen only after voters go to the polls.

It takes the first steps toward a national pharmacare plan by creating a new Canadian Drug Agency aimed at reducing the cost of drugs while also proposing to help first time home buyers and for skills training and education.

However, the budget was announced shortly after Liberals on the Commons justice committee used their majority to end the investigation into the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

Perth-Wellington PC MP John Nater says his party felt the right thing to do while the budget was being read out was to show their displeasure over that decision.

“It was very much to highlight the hypocrisy of the Liberal government in not allowing the former Attorney General to fully tell her story when it came to the SNC-Lavalin controversy.”

Conservative deputy leader Lisa Raitt calls the budget “underwhelming” saying it does little to correct problems the Liberals promised to fix.