House prices in Canada fall close to two per cent

House prices in Canada have fallen 1.8 per cent in the last year.

The Canadian Real Estate Association says the average closing price last month was $481,745. On top of that the association says the number of houses sold is down as well, 4.6 per cent compared to March, 2018, making this the weakest March for home sales in six years.

Albertans head to the polls Tuesday

Albertans head to the polls tomorrow, but a huge number have already cast their ballots in the provincial election.

696,000 people have voted in advance polls, shattering the previous record of 235-thousand in 2015. A rule change allowed early voters to cast ballots anywhere, not just in the constituencies where they live.

Notre Dame Cathedral in flames

A huge fire broke out at one of the world’s most famous landmarks today.

The blaze has done significant damage to Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral. The cathedral’s spire and entire roof have collapsed. There’s no confirmation on a cause but the fire has been linked to ongoing renovations at the centuries-old building.