Inflation rises to 1.9 per cent

Inflation rose 1.9 per cent in March, but it would have been worse if it weren’t for cheaper gas prices.

Stats Canada says things like food, rent, and mortgages all went up. However, a 4.4 per cent drop at the pumps over the last year kept those things in check. Without that inflation would have been as high as 2.2 per cent.

Notre Dame to be closed for five or six years

The Notre Dame cathedral is going to be closed for the next five or six years.

That’s according to the Paris landmark’s rector two days after a fire brought down its roof and spire. Fire officials trying to figure out what caused the blaze still haven’t been inside because it’s not safe. Meanwhile close to a billion dollars in donations has been pledged to pay for the rebuild.

Colorado schools closed after threat

Dozens of schools in Colorado are closed today as police search for a Florida woman who is “infatuated” with the Columbine High School Massacre.

Authorities say the 18-year-old has flown there and bought a gun after making credible threats online. Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of the tragedy in which two students killed 13 people at the school before turning their guns on themselves.