Oilsands carbon emissions higher than first thought

New data shows that carbon emissions from Alberta’s oilsands may be on average 64 per cent higher than the oil companies report themselves.

This comes from air samples from the area analysed by Environment Canada. The numbers mean that the country’s total greenhouse gas rates would be about 2.3 per cent higher than previously thought.

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Sri Lanka attacks

The Islamic State is claiming responsibility for the suicide attacks in Sri Lanka over the weekend.

The bombings are believed to be in retaliation for the New Zealand shooting that killed 50 people in a mosque. ISIS’s news agency called the bombers “Islamic State fighters.”

Philippines presidents threatens war with Canada over garbage

The President of the Philippines is threatening to declare war on Canada.

Rodrigo Duterte says Canada needs to pick up garbage a Canadian company dumped there six years ago. He added that he’d send the trash back himself if it isn’t collected as early as next week.