As we head into the long weekend, police are reminding you to follow the rules of the road and not to be in a hurry.

The reminder comes as Ontario Provincial Police say fatalities are down significantly this year on roads that they patrol.

Fifty-eight people died on roads from Jan. 1 to May 5, compared to 97 road fatalities during the same time period last year, a 40 per cent decrease, according to statistics released by the OPP this week.

Perth County OPP Constable Barry Cookson says its all about making sure you put safety first.

“They need to come to a complete stop prior to going through the intersections as well as when they are approaching intersections controlled by traffic lights, they need to be aware of when they are facing amber light, they need to come to a stop as safely as possible.”

The OPP said 45 per cent of fatalities so far this year are linked to speed, alcohol/drugs, distracted driving and lack of seat belt use.