With summer officially set to begin, mosquitoes won’t be too far behind.

The Perth District Health Unit is reminding you about the dangers of West Nile Virus that is transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected mosquito.

They say evidence shows that many people infected with WNV will have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, however those with weaker immune systems and those with chronic diseases are at a greater risk for health effects and over the past five years there have been fewer than five cases of WNV human infection reported in Perth County.

Public Health Inspector with the Perth District Health Unit, Stephanie Carlisle, says one way to avoid WNV is to stay away from standing water.

“Whenever you’re going outdoors some things you can think about doing is getting rid of the standing water in things like bird baths, children’s toys, pool covers, tires, anything that’s around the home that can collect water we ask that you dump the water out at least once a week.”

The PDHU has launched its West Nile Virus Surveillance and to learn more about it you can click here.