The City of Stratford says it’s looking at ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Last Thursday, the city says it held a public information session regarding a proposed natural gas project at the city’s Water Pollution Control Plant.

If approved by council, officials say the project would see new equipment added to the plant on West Gore Street that would allow large quantities of organic matter, including food waste, to be processed there.

They say the goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by diverting residential and organic waste from landfill sites and “co-digesting” that material at the Water Pollution Control Plant, along with sewage solids.

The methane gas produced by the anaerobic digesters at the plant would be refined into natural gas, and then injected into the natural gas distribution system for use.

The city has set up a comment form on their website where you can have your say on the idea, you can click here to go to it.