A well-coordinated response by first responders.

That’s what Stratford Fire Chief John Paradis tells MyStratfordNow.com took place Friday morning after crews were called out to a suspected gas leak in the Huron Street area.

Paradis says that winds had carried a gas smell towards the Shopper’s Drug Mart store where it was noticed by the people there who thought the store might be having a gas leak.

Firefighters arrived on scene and investigated with the store evacuated.

Using gas detectors to follow the fumes, they discovered that a line on a gas metre at a nearby home on the corner of Douglas Street had been damaged.

Union Gas staff pinched off the damaged line and made repairs to the line.

Chief Paradis is thanking the quick-acting citizens who called 911 immediately after discovering the situation.

Customers and staff were allowed back into the store and it’s back to business as usual.