Starting a dialogue that will support municipalities in Ontario when it comes to cybersecurity.

That’s one of the goals of an event coming up in Toronto on November 13th.

It will bring together Ryerson University’s Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, a program focused on cybersecurity, the City of Stratford and investStratford.

The groups will hear from cybersecurity experts on how to handle an online attack.

There will be representatives from over 50 Ontario municipalities on hand as well as a representative from the province.

Stratford Mayor Dan Mathieson says the event grew out of discussions that the city had with those who are part of the Ryerson program following the cyber attack that hit the city in April.

“It will give us all some perspective on emerging trends and things we need to look at going forward and it will also allow some pretty free discussion amongst everybody on is there a way we can share information because a cyber risk isn’t just against one of us, it’s against all of us.”

Stratford paid just over $75-thousand to have its systems restored following a cyber incident in April