We’ve heard it time and time again, Lock it or Lose It.

As the Stratford Police Service marks Crime Prevention Week Constable Darren Fischer says it’s really important to make sure that you are not giving thieves easy access to your valuables inside your car and locking it is one way to prevent this crime of opportunity.

Fischer says would-be thieves are looking for anything that is left behind.

“This is when you’ve left your car door open and thieves open up your car door and rummage through your car and take anything that’s left in there, so they’re looking for loose change, they’re looking for electronics that have been left behind, even sunglasses, wallets.”

With the busy holiday shopping season almost here, Fischer says to make sure your car is locked and that valuables are stored in your trunk.

Thefts from vehicles is an almost daily occurrence in the County and Fischer says if you experience this type of crime, make sure to call the police and report it.