Stratford Police are offering tips and reminders as non essential businesses close over COVID-19.
To help prevent break-ins, SPS says you should make regular checks on your business; checking for any damage or signs of attempted entry.
They say you should notify police if anything suspicious is found and also ensure all doors are properly secured.

Other tips from SPS include:

  • Ensure all doors are properly secured and consider installing extra security measures that could help prevent doors from being pried open and glass from being broken
  • Keep some lighting on, both indoor and outdoor, allowing for better surveillance of your property overnight
  • Consider installing an alarm system and clearly post that the location is monitored by an alarm company
  • Consider installing a surveillance system, preferably one that can be viewed in real-time online
  • Remove all items from storefront displays
  • Remove all valuables, including cash
  • Keep the cash register open and in plain view, showing that it is empty
  • Clean all glass and smooth surfaces before closing, assisting police with obtaining fingerprints in the case that a break in occurs
  • Remove items from around your property that could be used to force entry into the business