Stratford’s Economic Response and Recovery Task Force says it has several new projects in the works.

After being approved by Stratford City Council, the task force says it’s moving ahead with its downtown Patio Extensions and Boardwalk Installation, Stratford Summer Music’s MusicBarge, and Streetside Live program.

The patio extensions and boardwalk installation includes the extension of patios over the sidewalk space adjacent to a restaurant building being permitted, and the installation of a boardwalk, a wooden causeway, over municipal parking spaces for the 2020 patio season until November 1st.

A mobile MusicBarge is also being installed on the Avon River and it will showcase artists from Stratford and surrounding areas with performances from 2 o’clock until 4 o’clock on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons from July 24th to Aug. 2rd.

Streetside Live is a musical arts program the task force says is designed to enhance and re-animate the downtown core during the pandemic with musicians positioned in cargo beds of 2 vintage pickup trucks in various locations around the downtown core to offer free musical performances daily from August 24th until Aug. 31st.

 Additionally, the task force says its recommendation to waive associated 2020 fees for outdoor cafe licenses was also approved.