More details are coming out about the use of face coverings in indoor commercial and public space in Huron Perth.

Dr. Miriam Klassen, Medical Officer of Health for the region, has released formal instructions to employers which require owners and operators to implement a policy for the use of masks or face coverings; including the expectation that people entering or remaining in an indoor commercial or public space will wear a face covering.

The Instructions ask owners/operators to ensure that employees wear a face covering when they are in the public space of the business that doesn’t have a barrier such as plexiglass.

For visitors or customers, owners/operators are required to make best efforts to require people entering or remaining in their premises to wear a face-covering if they can.

Dr. Klassen says the policy is being enacted and enforced ‘in good faith’,” with the policy to be used as a “means to educate people on face-covering use in enclosed spaces.”

The Instructions come into effect Friday.

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