I had the opportunity to chat with a local author Jon-Erik Lappano about his newest picture book called “Maggie’s Treasure” that just came out on September 1st. It’s available now at Fanfare Books and Fundamentals – books & toys inc.

This picture book aimed for 3-7 year olds is about a girl named Maggie and she finds treasure wherever she goes. Whether it’s a button, a feather or a shiny stone, she picks it up and takes it home. At first the community praise her and are so grateful to Maggie for cleaning up and even the mayor gives her an award. But over time Maggie’s collection grows bigger until it spills out everywhere! Even Maggie’s parents think its too much and she come to the conclusion something must be done. Finally, inspired by a bird outside her window, she finds a way to share her treasure that captivates and transforms the entire neighborhood. The inspiration behind this colourful picture book was from Jon-Erik’s own daughters 3,6 and 9 who also love to collect treasures just like Maggie.

Support local and grab this creative and insightful picture book created by Author Jon-Erik Lappano and Illustrator Kellen Hatanaka both from Stratford, Ontario.