Walk It for Parkinson’s Disease will be a little different this year as we all can’t get together and have a massive walk fundraising event together. This year it has a different approach and name called ‘Walk the Block for Parkinson’s’. Did you know 25 people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s everyday. There are over 10,000 people in Ontario who suffer from this disease.

Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario is asking participants to walk there block this year on September 12&13 with their families or social circle!

WALK THE BLOCK for Parkinson’s participants can register online now as an individual or a team, in preparation for the walk September 12 and 13. Online registrations and donations are encouraged, but the organization will be able to accept cash and cheque as well. For more information, to register or to donate, go to www.walktheblock.ca.


I had the chance to speak with CEO of Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario, Shelley Rivard. Check out the full interview below!