Spoke with Lynda from Zehrs PC Cooking school and this time gives us an easy recipe for Mason Jar Salad with a homemade dressing. Super easy and quick and perfect to make for the kids heading back to school!



Makes 4


  ¼ cup PC extra-virgin olive oil (60 ml)

 3 tablespoons red wine vinegar (45 ml)

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 teaspoon honey mustard (5 ml)

1 teaspoon maple syrup (5 ml)

2 tablespoons water (30 ml)

1 teaspoon dried oregano (5 ml)

Salt and pepper to taste


1 small red onion, diced

1 English cucumber, diced

1 can Blue Menu chickpeas, drained and rinsed

1 small package cherry tomatoes, diced

½ cup crumbled feta (125 ml)

1 large head of romaine, chopped

4 wide-mouth pint sized mason jars (or plastic containers if glass is an issue)


  1. Prepare the vinaigrette by adding the oil, vinegar, garlic, mustard, maple syrup, water, oregano, salt, and several grinds of black pepper to a small jar with a lid. (I use a small mason jar.) Shake it vigorously to combine.
  2. Arrange the 4 mason jars on your counter for easy salad assembly. Pour 3 tablespoons (45 ml) of the dressing into the bottom of each one.

        On top of the dressing, add the diced onion, cucumber, beans, cherry tomatoes, feta, and then the lettuce, in  that order to avoid soggy vegetables.

  1. Secure the lid to make the jars airtight, then store in the fridge until ready to serve for up to 4 days.
  2. To serve the mason jar salad, unscrew the lid and pour the contents into a large bowl. Since the dressing is on the bottom, it will pour over the salad last, dressing all the vegetables. Stir well to coat, then enjoy right away.