Ottawa’s handing out emergency support funds to nine local Royal Canadian Legion branches.

Perth-Wellington MP John Nater says the legions, like many organizations, have been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He says he wrote the Minister of Veterans Affairs last June to advocate for immediate financial support for the legions in our area and in October, having not received a reply, he wrote the Minister again.

The federal government announced new funding to create a temporary Veterans Organizations Emergency Support Fund on November 10th with $14 million designated for legions.

Nine branches in Perth—Wellington submitted applications and all have been approved.

They include the Stratford Legion which will receive $10,845.05.

Perth—Wellington Legion Branches VOESF Recipients
Stratford, Branch 8: $10,845.05
Mitchell, Branch 128: $10,845.05
Mount Forest, Branch 134: $10,845.05
Arthur, Branch 226: $10,000.00
St. Marys, Branch 236: $10,845.05
Listowel, Branch 259: $10,845.05
Harriston, Branch 296: $10,845.05
Drayton, Branch 416: $3,476.00
Milverton, Branch 565: $10,845.05
TOTAL $89,391.35