Stratford Police Chief Greg Skinner says there is fatigue in our community over COVID-19 regulations.

Skinner says people are tired of not being able to associate with friends and close family however he adds most understand the regulations, including the provincial stay-at-home order, are in place because public health is the top priority.

He says SPS has a responsibility to educate people about the COVID-19 legislation and their interpretation of it so that residents know what’s expected of them.

Skinner says police will only be stopping people if there’s a violation.

“We are not going to stop people arbitrarily for the sole purpose of determining whether they are in breach of this order, we won’t be stopping vehicles to see if drivers are, we won’t be stopping people who are out walking, we won’t be stopping people who are on a bicycle.”

Skinner adds police have seen an increase in complaints over social gatherings but the people involved have been compliant and listened to officers.