Having a hard time finding a fitness routine at home? Sherry Kresky Director of Inspiration at Inspired by Fitness
and Certified Fitness Training Specialist gives us 5 tips to starting a fitness routine.

Tip #1: Identify your why

Tip #2: Create a Smart Goal

Tip #3: Engage in Activity you Enjoy

Tip #4: Start Slow and Pace Yourself.

Tip #5: Support. Find a Friend or a Personal Trainer to Keep you Accountable.


About Sherry

Owner / Director of Inspiration / Personal Trainer / Fitness Instructor

Sherry’s passion for fitness and helping others naturally transitioned into personal training, fitness instructing and wellness coaching.  Sherry has been in the fitness industry for over ten years and established her own fitness company in the Fall of 2013.

Throughout her childhood and youth, Sherry has always been engaged in many sports including track and field, volleyball, competitive soccer and gymnastics.  By being engaged in both individual and team sports, Sherry has learned, and currently applies, the benefits of teamwork, support, goal setting, perseverance and a positive attitude to her life both professionally and personally.

After graduating from Laurentian University with a Physical and Health Education degree, she tested her physical limits by competing in a fitness competition.  During her fitness competition, she learned the true meaning of hard work and the 3 Ds (Dedication, Determination, Discipline).  In her fitness career, Sherry has implemented many fitness programs and continues to inspire the lives of the people in her community.  In her spare time, Sherry enjoys volunteering for OneCare and instructing fitness classes for seniors.

Inspiring people to reach and achieve their goals has always been a passion of hers.  Through exercise, proper nutrition, a positive mind set, determination and motivation, Sherry looks forward to helping you achieve your goals while providing support every step of the way.

Qualifications & Certifications:
Degree in Physical and Health Education / Canfitpro Personal Trainer Specialist / SFIC – Senior Fitness Instructor Certified / Certified YMCA IC 1 & 2 / Certified YMCA Group Resistance Instructor / Certified Zumba Instructor /  Certified BounceFit Instructor / Certified Urban Poling Instructor / T.I.M.E. Program Certified / Standard First Aid Level C CPR