There are no borders when it comes to COVID-19.

That’s the response from Huron Perth Medical Officer of Health Dr.Miriam Klassen when it comes to her thoughts on a letter from her counterparts in Toronto, Peel Region and Ottawa asking

Premier Doug Ford to issue a province-wide stay at home order in addition to the four week lockdown that started on Saturday.

The three doctors say cases continue to rise in those areas despite the fact they’ve been in the grey zone for weeks and the current shutdown restrictions aren’t much different.

Dr.Klassen says she knows people in our region are feeling like they are doing a good job right now with a low case count and they don’t want our businesses to suffer.

However she says if we don’t control it it’s only a matter of time before it’s our problem as well.

“If there are high rates of transmission somewhere else in the province, actually in the world, it’s a risk to us as well because these viruses don’t know borders, particularly these variants that transmit so much more easily.”

Dr.Klassen adds HPPH plans to open up vaccines to those aged 65 and older by the end of the week.