Huron Perth’s Medical Officer of Health says she can appreciate that people are running out of reserves to keep following the rules around COVID-19.

With a four week provincewide stay-at-home order going to into effect today (Thursday), Dr.Miriam Klassen says she’s hoping everyone in Huron Perth can continue to hang in there for the next month while as many people as possible are vaccinated.

As of Tuesday, 25,308 vaccines have been given in the region which means 91.5 per cent of residents aged 80 and older have received at least their first dose.

She says they know vaccinations can make a big difference.

“I think that the long-term care home sector is a really good example of that, where, despite having all kinds of measures, we were having very devastating outbreaks now the transmission within that sector is very, very limited.”

Dr.Klassen adds everyone in our region who wants to be vaccinated will be and we are in the final stretch of the pandemic.