The General Manager at the Stratford Municipal Golf Course says it’s extremely frustrating that courses aren’t allowed to open.

Kyle Brodhagen says golf showed it was a safe sport last year when there were 20 million rounds played by 1.8 million golfers in Ontario with zero confirmed cases of COVID-19 transmission at any golf course.

The province has extended the stay-at-home order, along with the ban on golf, until at least June 2nd.

Brodhagen says all all outdoor amenities, including golf, should be allowed because they are safe.

He says the course losing close to $6,000 in green fees each day the course isn’t allowed to open.

As for Premier Doug Ford saying mobility is the reason the sport isn’t currently allowed, Brodhagen says a recent study proves different.

“The National Golf Course Owner’s Association did a study and saw that 85 per cent of rounds were played within 20 minutes of each person’s home s obviously mobility not being an issue.”

Brodhagen says he has written a letter to Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece with his concerns but has yet to hear anything back