Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈
This month, The Stratford Library want to introduce you to some of their amazing staff who are LGBTQ+ and allies. EVERYONE is welcome at the Stratford Public Library! Jamie Cottle, morning show host on 107.1 Juice FM interviews Jen Draper an intersectional feminist, cisgender female, pansexual and married for over 20 years to a non-binary individual. Jen and Jamie talk about about on line events with SPL and several book recommendations too. Listen to the full interview below!
Jen’s Pride Pick
This One Looks Like A Boy by Lorimer Shenher
Canadian Lorimer Shenher kept a secret for most of his life. Born a girl in Calgary he never felt comfortable in his own skin. After having a family, he finally transitioned from female to male in his fifties. As a Vancouver police detective, he worked on the Robert Pickton serial killer case. This non-fiction books gives readers an opportunity to hear a man’s journey to self-acceptance and peace. http://ow.ly/gTYQ50EZn7R